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Selling tips & advice

Your home is your largest asset and to achieve the best price it needs to appeal to prospective buyers. Here are some ideas and tips that we feel will assist in achieving that all important sale.


  • Any buyer will want to imagine themselves living in your home and this can be difficult if the property is untidy and cluttered.
  • Less is definitely more when selling your home so try to limit the amount of personal photos and ornaments on display and put items that are not used regularly in the loft or in storage.
  • If the property is vacant, try to leave some furniture as it will give buyers a sense of scale plus a lived in feel.
  • It is very important that each room is used as intended. For example, try not to use your spare bedroom as a laundry room or storage area.
  • The hallway is the first area of the property a buyer will see so try to clear away coats, shoes and umbrellas etc.
  • In the kitchen, make the worktops as clear as possible by clearing away tins, jars, tea towels etc.
  • In the bathroom, try to clear as many products as possible as these can make the room seem untidy.
  • Nowadays, a garden is seen as a place for entertaining and relaxation, so make sure that it is clear and not overgrown with bushes or weeds.

Freshen up

  • A fresh coat of neutral paint will always freshen up a tired looking property as well as new tiling in a bathroom, new cupboard doors in a kitchen or even new fence panels in a garden.
  • A bright bunch of flowers in the kitchen or lounge will make the room seem light and airy.
  • Don’t forget to replace any light bulbs that are not working.


  • If decorating isn’t an option, you can still make sure that your home is spotless.
  • Clean the carpets and windows and make a real effort in the kitchen and bathroom as these are often the most important rooms for buyers to view.
  • New towels in a clean bathroom will always grab the attention during a viewing.

Preparing for viewings

  • Getting the feel of home is all important when viewings are taking place.
  • In summer, natural light gives a feeling of freshness so draw back the curtains and open windows.
  • In winter properties can look dark so make sure all lights are working and if you have a fireplace, make sure it is blazing away.
  • Some viewers will be nervous of animals so keep them out of the way or even ask a friend to look after them for a short time.
  • Ensure that any pet hair has been vacuumed as some people may be allergic.
  • If possible don’t smoke or cook food with lingering smells before viewers arrive.
  • If there is parking with your home, move your own car and leave the space free for the buyers.

Showing your home

  • Your estate agent will usually conduct the viewings so if it is possible for you to go out at this time then do so.
  • Buyers will feel more at ease being in an empty house and are more likely to relax and imagine themselves living there.
  • If you do decide to conduct your own viewings, show the best and largest rooms first or last.
  • Highlight positive points about your home such as entertaining space, convenient parking or a south facing garden.
  • If a viewer sits down, it is likely they feel at home so make sure there is plenty of space around sofas and chairs.
  • Don’t overload viewers with too much information during the first showing. If they are interested, you can be more friendly during the second viewing.
  • Be truthful. Answer any questions the buyer may have truthfully and there is less reason for them to reduce their offer or change their mind.