Marketing your home – why you need a For Sale sign

Marketing your home – why you need a For Sale sign

Keys & LeePosted on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Once your property goes up for sale, an important step is to think about your marketing campaign. One of the first things you will want to consider is whether you will need a For Sale board.

This question can prove divisive, with those in favour of For Sale signs arguing that it’s still an efficient marketing tool and a good way of gaining extra exposure.

Those against it, however, argue that For Sale boards have no real use in an increasingly digital age – mainly because most people typically take to websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla to search for their next home.

This doesn’t mean For Sale boards are redundant, though. Using our experience and industry knowledge, here at Keys & Lee we outline some reasons why a For Sale board could be a useful marketing tool when you come to sell your home.

Attracting people to your property

The main advantage of having a For Sale board is that it attracts attention to your home; this is through word of mouth advertising and on-street advertising. Those who are walking or driving past might notice the sign, like what they see, and then follow up this initial interest by ringing in to enquire about the home’s availability. This could, in turn, lead to viewings and an offer being lodged.

If you want to sell your home, you want interested parties to know instantly that it is available – a For Sale board can help you to do that. What’s more, people will strongly associate For Sale signs with estate agents. As soon as they see one, they put two and two together immediately.

Equally, word of mouth is still very important. A person might walk past your home and see the For Sale sign, noting that the property is up for sale. They may then potentially pass the information onto a friend, a neighbour, a loved one or a colleague.

Lastly, while property websites are a very popular method for house hunting, they cannot adequately relay the feel of an area, so prospective buyers may still opt to drive around an area that they are interested in and be on the lookout for boards.

By having a board in place, you instantly advertise your home as for sale to these potential buyers.

A For Sale board could be your most effective marketing tool, and the extra advertising that comes from having one outside your home could lead to an offer being made and your home being sold.

As a way of enticing potential buyers passing by your property, it’s still a very useful weapon in your sales armoury and should be used accordingly.

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