Keys & Lee offer a wide selection of homes for sale which makes us an ideal place to start your search for a new home or investment property.

Our staff’s knowledge of the local property market will make finding you the perfect property a much easier task.

Once you have decided to buy a property you will need to consider the following questions:

Which area are you considering to buy in?

Are there other areas you may consider but you don’t know them well enough?

What type of property are you looking for?

Do you know how much you can borrow for a mortgage?

How much are you able to spend on the purchase?

What are the things your new home must have?

What can you borrow?

It is always a good idea to work out what your budget will be as early as possible and get your mortgage agreed in principle. We work closely with independent mortgage advisers, Robert Sterling, and they will be able to assist you with your financial questions. Being independent, Robert Sterling has access to the entire mortgage market and they will be able to offer you the best available deals.

Register your details

Our negotiators will discuss your requirements in detail so we can understand what your new property must have. It will also enable us to see what you might be willing to compromise on.


Now it’s time to go out and view a range of properties so that you can see what your money will buy in your chose area. Our negotiators will make arrangements for you to see the properties at the earliest opportunity whether it is during the day, evening or weekend. Give detailed feedback to the agent as it will help us in finding you other properties.

Go on as many viewings as you can, however if you find your perfect home early in your search, don’t delay. You may lose out to another buyer if you wait for an alternative property.

Making an offer

Once you have found a suitable property, we will put your offer to the seller. Any offer is made subject to contract and you will be asked to provide details of:

financial Your financial position (mortgage decision in principle, proof of deposit etc)

buying Your buying position (first time buyer, property to sell etc)

purchase Your proposed time frame for the purchase

The seller will require all of this information as it assists them in their final decision.

Sale agreed

After your offer has been accepted and a sale has been agreed you will need to instruct a solicitor to proceed with the legal paperwork. If you do not have a solicitor, we can recommend several local firms that we work with regularly.

If you require a mortgage, you must also instruct your mortgage broker to submit the application and make arrangements for a survey. Carried out on behalf of the mortgage company, the survey will establish the property’s value and significant structural defects.

Legal work

The vendor’s solicitor will send a draft contract to your solicitor who in turn will raise some inquiries. Searches are required and the solicitor will request them from the local authority.

Once the local authority searches are received and all inquiries answered, your solicitor will approve contracts and the formal mortgage offer will be sent for you to sign. You are now ready to exchange contracts.

Exchange of contracts

The contract is required to be signed by you and the seller. Your deposit will need to be transferred to the solicitor and then the completion day (moving day) can be agreed.


The outstanding balance is transferred from your solicitor to the seller’s solicitor. This will take place usually 7-14 days after exchange of contracts but it can be done sooner or later depending on the requirements of both the seller and purchaser.

How much is your

property worth?

There is a large choice of agents but by choosing Keys & Lee you can be confident you will have the best team working with you.